About Us
Tigran Avetisyan is a Moscow-based designer with a background in Product design. After graduating from Central Saint Martins in 2012 he was given a LVMH grant to produce his graduate collection. His work is heavily conceptual and explores the nature of fashion garments as marketed commodities. As a result his work is self-reflexive and not without humour, commenting on the ever accelerating speed and greed of the fashion industry. He treats clothing as a product and uses marketing languages to create subversive and thought-provoking collections.
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For any enquiries please contact us at mail@tigran.no
Address of Seller
Elektrozavodskaya 21,
Entrance 3,
Moscow, 107023,
Shipping Terms
Shipping is FREE on all orders. Domestic and overseas shipping is handled by the Russian Post*. Orders are shipped within 4 days from the order date. Each order is given a unique tracking number. Return/replacement of goods is permissible in case of damage or defect and must be claimed within 7 days after the receipt of the goods.

*Approximate shipping times are: Russia - 5 days, Europe - 14 days, America - 21 days, Asia - 28 days